You called my name

you called my name
in the pouring rain
and as i came,
you called my name.

i called you hon
as i made you come
with my flickering tongue,
i called you hon.

you called me mew
as you made my cock spew
all over you,
you called me mew.

i called you rose
in the orgasmic throws
of me squirting like a hose,
i called you rose.

29 responses

  1. CaptKitty

    I have nominated you for the very inspiring blogger award. Hope you decide to accept. Check out my post, Nominate up to 15 other bloggers who have inspired you and don’t forget to reveal seven things about yourself that others don’t know.

    13.01.30 at 09.58

    • why, thank you, so much, i’m deeply flattered and would be delighted to respond – not sure when tho as i’m kinda busy and have not had any time to post 🙂 thanks for following me

      13.01.30 at 10.01

  2. Well watered… 😉

    12.10.20 at 03.34

    • why thank you princess

      12.10.20 at 06.30

  3. nice choice of words, when I read your profile and you said “you do single mothers, I thought it was a grammatical error. Now, I know it wasn’t.

    12.09.19 at 21.14

    • glad you got my little witticism 🙂

      12.09.20 at 05.34

  4. good one once again,

    i hope she was a real rose, you deserve one…

    12.09.14 at 07.27

    • thank you, and yes she is, thank you again

      12.09.14 at 08.40

  5. You are romantic and sweet in your own way Kyle. I think both of you are lucky to have each other!

    12.09.13 at 06.14

    • thanks agatha – we are, but i am the luckiest

      12.09.13 at 06.17

  6. Oh hon, keep it coming!

    12.09.12 at 16.11

  7. the rose is back in bloom. very sweet mew. and it is romantic, not just “in a way”…and I bet she’d agree with me. you old softie (well, when it’s over and done of course)

    12.09.12 at 13.39

    • my favourite smell – i think you and her have more in common than you realise 😉

      12.09.12 at 13.44

      • Awww. Well I do know that my name means rose, if you believe in those “this is what your name means” things. I can’t say I smell like a rose, but i can say i smell better than the fertilizer. that count?

        12.09.12 at 13.55

        • it sure does

          12.09.12 at 13.56

          • phew (that’s p h e w NOT p e w) 😉

            12.09.12 at 14.02

      • I love the smell of white ginger, sweat, and regret.

        12.09.16 at 12.30

        • a good combination 😉

          12.09.16 at 12.33

  8. Hon solo?

    12.09.12 at 12.39

    • hehe – i meant short for ‘honey’ – thanks for comment hon

      12.09.12 at 12.41

  9. Romantic!

    12.09.12 at 12.09

  10. Awh so cute (((hugs)))

    12.09.12 at 12.05

    • thanks

      12.09.12 at 12.07

      • you are ever so welcome

        12.09.12 at 12.08

  11. TemptingSweets99

    umm… i hope her name was really rose or was that a term of endearment? 🙂

    12.09.12 at 11.47

    • more of a nickname 😀

      12.09.12 at 11.49

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