Fitness centre

i have worked at the fitness centre for five years and know all the best places to hide and watch women changing or showering. i have never been caught before, but you are sharper than most and spot me in my hiding place and drag me out, in front of the other women in the changing room, to the accompaniment of much laughter and sneering.

most of you giggle at my naked form and twitching erection, a few of you look quite angry, although one or two have looks of genuine desire in your eyes. you ask me what i was doing and even though i can only stutter, you all know that i was jerking off, as i spied on you all changing. you demand that i continue, in front of you all, and this suggestion is met with a round of cheers and more laughter. i try to protest but you pick up a hockey stick and i can see by the steel in your eyes that you wouldn’t hesitate for a second to beat me with it. one or two of the girls, that were angered at my intrusion, pick up their sticks too, and i realise that i have no choice but to perform in front of you all.

i start to stroke my cock up and down. tentatively at first, closing my eyes against the giggles and jeers, but when i look about, i realise how beautiful the sight before me is. i am surrounded by women of all ages and shapes, in various states of undress, and i start to thrill to the whole idea. my eyes fill themselves and almost drown in ageing thighs and chubby arms, breasts, old and young alike define themselves through towels and underwear and i realise just how gloriously beautiful all women are, regardless of age or shape.

i hear one of you clap their hands together in delight as my cock squirts its first stream of cum and i shiver with delight to the sound of gasps and giggles, my knees trembling and cum dripping through my fingers and spraying into the air. afterwards you tell me that unless i want my boss to know about my sick little games, then i am to come back at the same time tomorrow, so that you can humiliate me further.

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  1. II

    I’ve just read some of your posts, and I must say that I admire your appreciation for different kinds of women. Most guys I know have this ideal image, as if it’s the only kind they will appreciate.

    12.11.26 at 19.22

    • thank you – yeah its sad isn’t when all women are so beautiful

      12.11.28 at 10.05

  2. You just get better and better 😉

    12.10.20 at 03.34

    • thank you princess

      12.10.20 at 06.29

  3. So funny. Ok. Same time tomorrow. See ya.

    12.10.01 at 09.50

    • i’ll get there early

      12.10.01 at 10.02

  4. PAZ

    Where’d hockey sticks come from?

    12.09.17 at 11.21

    • PAZ

      Really, I can’t stop thinking about the hockey sticks. I mean, I assume this wasn’t a hockey team. lol… P demands an explanation!

      12.09.17 at 11.28

      • PAZ

        Ok, I’m off to make breakfast and while I cook I shall be trying to figure this out…

        12.09.17 at 11.30

        • (pssst…hey PAZ, my guess would be woman’s ‘field hockey’)

          12.09.17 at 11.53

          • yes, that would be it

            12.09.17 at 11.54

          • PAZ

            whew! Thanks! You just saved me from a headache.

            12.09.17 at 12.36

  5. Never at a loss for a fantasy!

    12.09.14 at 18.33

    • no one should ever be

      12.09.14 at 18.37

  6. I wish I there for that show 😉

    12.09.14 at 14.05

    • i’m sure you can use your imagination 😉

      12.09.14 at 14.37

      • Yeah but seeing it for real is often much better than anything that my imagination can come up with 🙂

        12.09.14 at 15.08

  7. Good one, and totally needs a sequel.

    12.09.14 at 13.36

    • that’s a good idea trent – thanks

      12.09.14 at 13.36

      • Pleasure. Love your stuff man. Totally inappropriate reading material at work, so I imagine I shall be fired because of your posts at some point, but you know, whatever.

        12.09.14 at 13.40

        • thanks very much trent, love your stuff too
          don’t want to get you into any trouble man – my stuff is more of a bedtime read 😉

          12.09.14 at 13.47

          • Understood and agreed. I guess it’s only a job. On the plus side, I keep a fully stocked bar in my office, so I figure it’s inevitable that someone sacks me sooner or later.

            12.09.14 at 15.58

  8. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    why do I think you probably would be in bliss
    if you went back same time the next day….
    Good one Kyle, but then you have an intimate way with words
    that makes one go hmmmmmm…..
    Take Care…

    12.09.14 at 13.18

    • probably because i probably would be
      thank you maryrose, i love to raise a hmmmmmmm….

      12.09.14 at 13.38

      • LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

        you make me smile Kyle….!
        Have a great weekend…
        doing what you do best!

        12.09.14 at 14.28

        • er, that would be masturbating, i guess
          thank you – you too 😉

          12.09.14 at 14.35

          • LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

            hmmmmmmmmmmmm LOLs

            12.09.14 at 14.38

  9. Awww humiliation is such sweet sorrow. NOT. would not surprise this gal to find out the one who ‘caught’ you was part of your ‘sick little game’. 😉

    12.09.14 at 13.07

    • you know me far too well rhonda 😉

      12.09.14 at 13.36

  10. You are the best Kyle. I loved how you appreciated all the women in all of their various states.


    12.09.14 at 12.54

    • thank you dawn – all women ARE hot, its just a fact

      12.09.14 at 13.35

  11. TemptingSweets99

    love this one! 🙂

    12.09.14 at 12.29

    • thought you might 😉

      12.09.14 at 12.29

  12. Ever heard of a two way mirror… sheesh.

    12.09.14 at 12.22

    • damn, i wish i’d thought of that

      12.09.14 at 12.29

      • that would require thinking with the other head mew. just a thought.

        12.09.14 at 16.18

        • and a good one too

          12.09.14 at 16.58

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