Feral heart

She is totally feral, a child of the forest. Abandoned at birth and brought up by wolves and wild creatures, nurtured by the trees themselves, nursed by raw nature. She knows nothing of civilisation, and her language is her own, her nouns are bird calls, her verbs are chatters and howls. She eats berries and roots and sometimes, raw flesh.

She sits on a high branch looking down at the boy, fascinated. He has no idea she is there. He is clearly lost, and frightened, with no knowledge of the forest or her lore. He sits beneath her sobbing and calling out in his strange tongue, scared and lonely.

She has had dealings with the humans before. Once, their men captured her and caged her and prodded and poked at her with strange, ugly tools. Escaping from them was a cinch and she remembers how she scampered up one of their silly, closed in, little dwellings and how she threw her shit at them before leaping back to her forest home where her walls breathed with life and her ceiling glittered with starlight. She sniffs deeply, there is a storm brewing and she makes a little chirping sound in her throat, calling the rain, it is her magic and she believes the rain calls back to her – and maybe it does.

The boy is not like those men, he seems fragile and sad. He starts, violently when she drops from the tree, gracefully, almost silently, in front of him, his eyes wide and terrified at the sight of her. She is naked and filthy, her hair matted and locked, her body caked in the earth she grew from. She stinks. The storm grows closer and she calls to it again and stares, enthralled, at him, tilting her head from side to side, curious and aroused. The first drops of rain bounce at their feet and thunder makes a distant rumble and she responds with a guttoral chatter, telling the thunder where she is, how to find her. The boy looks scared at this, to him she sounds like a crazed monkey, but there is a greed in his eyes that is stronger than the fear. He is young and never known a woman or even seen one naked.

The feel of his hungry gaze on her breasts and belly excites her. The wild orphan takes a step closer to him and reaches out. Clothes are a mystery to her and she tugs clumsily at his shirt and trousers wanting to free him, driven by instinct and passion. By the time she has him naked, the rain is beating, in hard, heavy, drops onto them and around them. Animals scream loudly in awe at the growing tempest and the forest quakes at its power. The girl knows nothing of social mores or decorum and she licks at the boy and sniffs him, takes him in her hand and makes him take her in his.

Furious raindrops burst around them and lightning flashes across the sky and through their eyes and hearts and loins. She beckons him to enter her and he does so, hurridly with the virgin impatience of youth. She claws at him, her nails digging carelessly into his flesh and she howls at the black sky as the rain turns dust to mud and they drench themselves in it and each other.

When they are done, it is not for long as giant raindrops now batter their shaking bodies, not allowing their desires to rest, awakening every little nerve, every sinew, the thunder shaking the ground beneath them. Their eyes meet and lock and, for the first time, she smiles at him. She wants more and mounts him and they begin afresh, this time the rain beats so heavily on them that it is hard for them to breath and they spit and fire, dripping with animal fury. She likes this thing she will call ‘men’ she will seek out more of them and the idea of several of them at once fills her imagination, she wants to be smothered with these hands, full of their lust, covered in their disgusting pleasure. Lightning strikes so close that the ground beneath them jumps and she throws her head back and howls so primally that for that moment the entire jungle is quiet for her, even the storm itself hushes as she yells.

Sudenlly she senses movement nearby, there are others and they smell human and not like her boy, there is something ugly and violent to their stench and she forces herself away from her desire and glances in their direction. She cannot know that it is the boy’s father and mother and the ranger.
“There he is!” shouts the boys father.
“Christ!” screams his mother, “He’s being attacked by something! Do something!” she pleads to the ranger, “Do something!”

The ranger’s bullet passes through her feral heart and lodges in a nearby tree. She collapses, lifeless, onto her lover’s chest.

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  2. PAZ

    This piece definitely shows what a great writer you are, Kyle! ♥

    12.10.09 at 12.21

    • aw thank you my love – i wrote it quite a while ago actually – i’m glad you liked it ♥

      12.10.09 at 12.25

  3. i LOVED her.

    12.10.07 at 18.48

  4. geminisub

    Fantastic..love it again!

    12.10.06 at 08.12

    • thanks – that’s good to hear 🙂

      12.10.07 at 05.25

  5. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    each time I come by I know I am going to like
    each time you surprise me with endings
    This time I think I am going to say, this is your best
    you are getting deeper into the emotions in your stories Kyle…
    once again you caught me off guard with your ending…
    I really like this one….!
    Take Care…

    12.09.30 at 23.45

    • well thank you ladyblue – praise indeed – i am more than flattered 🙂

      12.10.01 at 05.20

  6. Wow Kyle, your writing is getting better all the time. Well done 🙂

    12.09.25 at 15.59

    • Hey, thank you Lauren 😆

      12.09.26 at 07.13

  7. Hey man, more stories please!

    12.09.25 at 13.54

    • writer’s block right now – transitional phase – discovered i can play old n64 games on my phone – back soon

      12.09.25 at 14.20

  8. eroticstorytime

    Reblogged this on eroticstorytime and commented:
    This story manages to be erotic and deeply moving at the same time. One of Kyle’s best.

    12.09.22 at 08.17

  9. Hey Kyle,

    You have narrated a beautiful story here from the innocence transforming into lust whereas how does it sound when it is blended all together! Though I hate you for killing her – not expected!!!! Well, I would still say – this was emotional and you are so not an emo as I read you!


    12.09.21 at 03.45

  10. there was something so innocent and sad about this the whole time… it breaks my heart

    12.09.20 at 23.41

    • thank you for saying – i’m glad it moved you

      12.09.21 at 05.56

  11. The rain was so beautiful and so were they. But the adult’s lack of understanding of their want and need, and her eventual ending were dreadful.

    12.09.20 at 13.24

    • i guess there can’t always be a happy ending

      12.09.21 at 05.56

      • No honey there often isn’t. But if we didn’t have the sad, how would we know how good the happy is?

        12.09.21 at 08.06

  12. Oh dear – what a nasty ending! Just when they were having fun. I like the description of the feral girl and the rain.

    12.09.20 at 07.52

    • i like a sad ending – thank you

      12.09.20 at 07.58

  13. Wow, Kyle. This is so f-ing good…

    12.09.19 at 17.04

    • thank you susan i’m glad you effing enjoyed it

      12.09.19 at 17.08

      • You have some gorgeous language in here. Simply stunning. And the story is great.

        12.09.19 at 17.10

        • thank you, its a very simple little plot really 🙂

          12.09.19 at 17.11

  14. TheOthers1

    Great story. I feel like I’ve been missing out lately. It was nice reading this. 🙂

    12.09.19 at 16.43

    • hey thanks you, glad it was appreciated

      12.09.19 at 17.07

  15. I don’t know what to say that has not already been said. That was awesome Kyle!


    12.09.19 at 11.00

    • that’s lovely of you to say dawn

      12.09.19 at 11.13

  16. Holy shitballs! I loved this! I’m pissed that you killed her, though. I won’t lie. haha But I’m a bleeding heart romantic and if you could have had the boy swinging from the trees with her that’d have been fine with me! However, your ending was 10x better. Brilliantly done!

    12.09.19 at 11.00

    • thank you hy – i had a hard time killing her off too

      12.09.19 at 11.12

  17. Thank you for this one Kyle. Won’t be the last time I’ll be reading this.

    12.09.19 at 10.50

    • you’re too kind honey, thank you

      12.09.19 at 10.57

  18. Brilliant Sir – Just Brilliant in every glistening aspect. I absolutely loved what you created with these tender words. (you and I had feral on our mind. I was stopping by here to ask you if you had a name for roller derby? My post was for guys too) Jayne

    12.09.19 at 10.24

    • thanks jayne – lemme give it some thought

      12.09.19 at 10.56

  19. LOVED this, but why did you have to kill her off??? Ensaddening.

    12.09.19 at 10.00

    • i like a sad ending – it make the story bigger somehow

      12.09.19 at 10.50

      • Madame Weebles

        That it does. I’m just so sad she’ll never get to have her fivesome now.

        12.09.19 at 11.05

        • its heartbreaking

          12.09.19 at 11.11

  20. Great ending.

    12.09.19 at 09.56

    • thank you becca

      12.09.19 at 10.50

  21. Kyle! You liked my post! You might be a tiny bit shiny now! And your breath smells better, too!

    12.09.19 at 08.39

    • well, that’s good to know

      12.09.19 at 09.21

  22. TemptingSweets99


    12.09.19 at 07.37

  23. Kyle, this was incredible. Some of the best stuff you have ever written that I have read. You left my heart pounding.

    12.09.19 at 07.33

    • i’m glad to hear it marion, that means a lot coming from you – thank you

      12.09.19 at 07.51

    • Seriously, I completely agree!

      12.09.25 at 16.02

  24. one of your best mew…love it.

    12.09.19 at 07.32

    • thank you georgeous

      12.09.19 at 07.50

  25. I found that incredibly gripping Kyle, and feral in and of itself in the writing. I loved it.

    12.09.19 at 06.26

    • thank you trent

      12.09.19 at 17.06

      • My pleasure sincerely. You know you should write a movie or something with stuff like this, I’d pay to see it.

        12.09.19 at 17.20

        • hey thanks mate – i’d make sure you got free VIP tickets, of course

          12.09.19 at 17.22

  26. thank you isabella

    12.09.19 at 04.55

  27. Isabella

    So descriptive…every last detail. Loved your story Kyle.

    12.09.19 at 04.54

    • thank you isabella

      12.09.19 at 17.06

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