Video games really are dangerous

People say that video games are dangerous, that they are too violent and that they corrupt our youth, who then imitate the behaviour they display in games. Now, to a degree, this is true; as a youngster, I spent a lot of time playing PacMan and think it no coincidence that my hobbies seemed to involve running around a great deal and swallowing large amounts of pills and magic fruit. However, this is not the only damage that playing video games can inflict on our fragile psyches, and certainly not the most serious, as I have recently discovered.

After a recent, 73 hour session on GTA (San Andreas, in case you’re wondering) I wandered out, in need of vodka and marijuana and completely forgot that, here in the UK, we drive on the left.  I looked the wrong way when crossing the road, and was clobbered by a number 476 bus. Fortunately, I had a cheat code activated and was able to light up the entire bus with an infeasibly large mini-gun.

I have only been able to avoid the subsequent, and comprehensive, police enquiry by laying low and then switching myself off and then on again. Nevertheless, I have returned, high-score intact and an erection for each and every one of you. Be warned, as always, all comments and likes will only inflame my passion for jerking off to your gravatar pics.

Thank you for tuning back in.

56 responses

  1. I didn’t know you could do that when run over by a bus. I’m going out to try it! Thank you, Kyle!

    12.10.13 at 18.30

    • wait! you need the correct cheat code! …

      12.10.13 at 18.45

  2. TemptingSweets99

    Kyle: Thanks for “liking” my latest post. I trust you’ve been wanking to the edge (but NOT cumming), YET. 😉

    12.10.09 at 13.02

    • its a great post – i loved the picture too

      12.10.09 at 13.05

  3. PAZ

    My brother and I used to get as many cheats for San Andres. I loved getting the helicopter and crashing it. ha. It’s such a stress reliever. I feel ashamed at punching a few dozen prostitutes though. 😦

    I hope you like jerking to cartoons.

    12.10.09 at 10.14

    • yeah, crashing choppers and punching prostitutes can be very stress relieving – i personally prefer the cheat that has all the prostitutes beat my character up with large dildos.

      if they’re hot cartoons like your’s i do 😉

      12.10.09 at 11.21

      • PAZ


        I’ve never heard of that one. Is it a real cheat or are you bluffin? I’m gullible. I also remember doing a cheat where you were a prostitute. Interesting, that one. Though it made me a bit angry…

        12.10.09 at 11.49

        • you have to combine the ‘slut magnet’ cheat with the ‘peds attack’ one – i usually add ‘infinite health’ too so they can beat me up for longer and also ‘pink cars’ just ’cause its funny

          12.10.09 at 11.53

          • PAZ

            Thanks! Too bad my bro (yeah the one in the zoo ;)) took the PS3 he’d given me and gave it to his now ex-girlfriend.

            12.10.09 at 11.56

            • they keep your brother in a zoo? that’s horrible

              12.10.09 at 12.02

              • PAZ

                I wish! hahah. Now I’m horrible. I meant zoo pictures, the ones I posted. He’s an Indian giver sometimes (but you didn’t hear it from me). 😉 He’s a sweatheart–I mean sweetheart– though. He’s got the better genes. ha. But I think we’re both kind of handsome. Don’t you?

                12.10.09 at 12.06

                • Kyle

                  i do 🙂

                  12.10.09 at 12.26

              • PAZ

                I never understood that term, “Indian giver”. Don’t know why I just used it.

                12.10.09 at 12.07

          • PAZ

            And that is funny!

            12.10.09 at 11.59

  4. I’d be honored if you do nasties with my pic. smiles and hugs

    12.10.09 at 09.53

    • Kyle

      and it will be an honour

      12.10.09 at 09.56

  5. Pass the lube!

    12.10.08 at 14.27

  6. geminisub

    Is blogging dangerous for you?

    12.10.08 at 12.11

    • i’d like to think so – i’m always looking for ways to inject a little danger into my posts, which is why i like to type under large trees in thunderstorms 🙂

      12.10.08 at 13.14

      • geminisub

        How exciting! 😉

        12.10.08 at 13.22

  7. I’m commenting just so you’ll jerk off to my photo. Giggle.

    12.10.08 at 08.40

    • with that picture renee, how could i help myself? 😉

      12.10.08 at 13.09

      • rheath40

        Oh Kyle, you’re such a charmer.

        12.10.08 at 13.12

  8. Are you a superhero?

    12.10.08 at 00.27

    • no, but my alter-ego is

      12.10.08 at 09.10

  9. It doesn’t at all surprise me that someone who’s so skilled with one joystick would also be skilled with another.

    12.10.07 at 19.56

    • you should see me swing my wiimote around

      12.10.08 at 08.33

  10. Posted a link 2 ur piece on the lad’s wall. just to harass him. Young people are so uptight these days (or they don’t like their parents being vulgar).

    12.10.07 at 19.34

    • probably both mate 🙂

      12.10.08 at 13.08

  11. I’m only chiming in so you have more masturbation material. 😉


    12.10.07 at 19.09

    • with a gravatar pic like that, how can i resist 😉

      12.10.08 at 13.07

  12. TemptingSweets99

    Glad you’re back! As punishment for your disappearance (no matter the reason), you are to jerk off to the edge for the next six days. You can’t cum — UNTIL the seventh day. ONLY then may you cum. That will be your reward for returning to us. Oh! And I want details. 😛

    12.10.07 at 18.46

    • now, that’s a punishment that will require some coming to grips with – details to follow 😉

      12.10.08 at 13.06

    • I say make it an even 15. nice round number don’t ya think?

      12.10.08 at 15.25

      • i’ll go for 15 – but i will need you here in person for that final day

        12.10.08 at 19.22

        • Rhonda


          12.10.08 at 20.02

  13. Isabella

    Kyle…I’ve missed you : (

    12.10.07 at 18.11

    • aw and i’ve missed you too

      12.10.07 at 18.14

      • Isabella


        12.10.07 at 19.41

        • ((((kisses))))

          12.10.08 at 13.14

          • Isabella

            Making me have a big fat grin Kyle!

            12.10.08 at 22.10

  14. Great to “see” you around these parts again 🙂

    12.10.07 at 15.50

    • great to see you welcome me back

      12.10.07 at 16.31

  15. Dear God!!! And I thought I was going through a tough spot! Welcome back, indeed!

    12.10.07 at 14.57

    • great to be here – and thanks for giving me something to come to 🙂

      12.10.07 at 16.30

      • LOL! I don’t even have a pic in my gravatar 😉

        12.10.07 at 17.33

        • don’t think for a second that that stops me 🙂

          12.10.07 at 17.51

  16. Yay you’re back!

    12.10.07 at 14.20

    • i think so… someone is

      12.10.07 at 14.31

    • thank you for missing me – means a lot

      12.10.07 at 14.31

  17. LOL oh so good you are evil Kyle

    12.10.07 at 14.07

    • thank you foxy

      12.10.07 at 14.08

  18. welcome back mew…may your lives be plenty, you know all the cheats to make it easy for you to win without really trying, and always remember to protect the thumbs…you can’t win without strong thumbs. wank away buddy, you’ve been missed.

    12.10.07 at 14.05

    • well ain’t that just the sweetest comment i ever had?

      12.10.07 at 14.07

      • lol…don’t know about that. but here…here’s a back up for you…don’t lose it.
        …../ )
        …..’ /
        —‘ (_____
        ……… ((__)
        ….. _ ((___)
        ……. -‘((__)

        12.10.07 at 14.08

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