Hackney is one of the poorest boroughs in the country, and the neighbourhood I live in is pretty rough and run-down, even for Hackney. We see more than our fair share of crime and inner-city depravity: just this morning I walked past a drunk woman taking a dump in a phone box. Nevertheless we were all horrified when we learned that the local library was being used, after dark, as a brothel and crack house. The police raided it around three AM, arrested 30 people and seized a stash of drugs and weapons. We were flabbergasted, we had no idea that we had a library.

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  1. Reblogged this on Infernal Deity of a Psychotic Mind.

    13.01.08 at 23.03

  2. LMAO, 1 for the library and 0 for drug dealers…
    My questions though would be; did the “clients” get to read while being serviced? Did they have to have a Library Card to enter?

    13.01.08 at 23.03

    • lol i wish i’d asked 🙂

      13.01.09 at 06.59

  3. made me chuckle

    13.01.04 at 21.29

    • i’m glad bryan – thanks

      13.01.05 at 07.48

  4. A fitting topic since a funny post from you is SO OVERDUE!! Jayne

    13.01.04 at 14.09

    • thanks jayne, hopefully you’ll be seeing more of me soon (that didn’t sound right, did it?)

      13.01.05 at 07.49

  5. You crack me up!
    Happy New Year Kyle1

    13.01.04 at 13.13

    • that’s so good to know susie

      13.01.05 at 07.50

  6. filledandfooled

    Oh! Ha! And I thought the phone booth was going to be in the punch line, but those are still quite common in certain areas I guess.

    Love it, so funny!

    13.01.04 at 11.43

    • glad you enjoyed it – yeah what’s the point of phone booths? maybe just as toilets for the homeless?

      13.01.05 at 07.54

  7. LOVE IT!

    13.01.04 at 11.40

  8. H.N.Y. Kyle!!!


    13.01.04 at 11.34

    • thanks dawn – HNY?

      13.01.05 at 07.55

      • Happy New Year! I think in 2013 I will abbreviate everything.

        B. (bises)

        13.01.05 at 08.06

  9. Actually it makes perfect sense the book covers will make perfect roaches to put in their joints though am not sure which section the brothel would be in business or hobbies?

    13.01.04 at 11.15

    • good thinking paula LOL

      13.01.05 at 07.55

  10. nekkidsoul

    It makes perfect sense to me…when I’m all hopped up on crack, I like to have something to read…

    13.01.04 at 11.07

    • of course – any favourite reads?

      13.01.05 at 07.56

      • nekkidsoul

        “Diary of a Drug Fiend” of course!!! 😉

        13.01.05 at 13.22

  11. Wow, a library with actual books? I’m flabbergasted, too! 😉

    13.01.04 at 10.48

    • i know, and in this day and age – whatever next?

      13.01.05 at 07.56

      • Next thing you know they may play music videos on MTV again…think of the confusion THAT would cause!

        13.01.05 at 09.05

  12. What!? You guys have, like, a real library? For books? 😉

    13.01.04 at 10.42

    • apparently, who’da thunk it? in hackney of all places!

      13.01.05 at 07.58

  13. WOW, hahaha.

    13.01.04 at 10.41

  14. LOL

    13.01.04 at 10.26

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