I want to fuck you into a coma

i want to write poetry for you
i want to come in my own mouth and for you to watch
i want to cook for you
i want  massage your feet
i want to hold your hand
and make you tea
i want to feel my cock between your breasts and
i want to make you laugh and bring you breakfast in bed
i want to hear you giggle
i want to kiss the back of your neck, every time i see it
i want to tell you every time i get a hard on
i want to take a big magic marker and write filthy words all over your body and then
i want to take ‘tasteful’ black and white photographs of you and masturbate over them
i want you to strap on a vibrating dildo and fuck me in the ass with it
i want to ram my cock down your throat until you gag
i want to make the slowest love ever to you that anyone has ever made
and  yes
most of all
i want to make you come
come so fucking hard that you can’t help but bite me
come so hard you forget your own name
i want to  fuck you into a coma

25 responses

  1. so hang on…can you come in your own mouth? But…nice poem!

    13.08.21 at 07.07

    • i’ve never tried. should i?

      13.08.21 at 07.13

  2. Coming in your own mouth, thats impressive. Love btw 🙂

    13.07.16 at 16.02

  3. I’m biting my lip. Can I be this lucky girl you talk about…my fave lines are you want to cook for her and make her tea….oh and write filthy words on her…

    13.07.15 at 20.35

  4. Yay!!!!!!!!! A Kyle Mew original!!!!!!!!!!!! And whoever you’re wanting to do all that with is a lucky girl…or guy – with breasts…anyway, yay!

    13.07.14 at 22.43

    • thank you kayla – its just wishful thinking tho 🙂

      13.07.15 at 05.29

      • Ok, so she WILL be a lucky girl…she should start reading your blog. 🙂

        13.07.15 at 05.38

  5. CaptKitty

    Can I borrow you for the weekend?

    13.07.14 at 18.17

    • and if you did, how would that weekend be spent?

      13.07.14 at 18.19

      • CaptKitty

        Naked, floor, couch, bed. Location doesn’t really matter.

        Fucking, fucking, sucking, licking, spanking, and some more fucking.

        13.07.14 at 18.20

        • you had me at naked

          13.07.14 at 18.21

  6. Kyle! I come home to “I want to fuck you into a coma” in my in-box — yay! Oh by the way — this is some potency right here!

    13.07.14 at 17.53

    • so glad i hit your spot – do tell me more

      13.07.14 at 17.54

      • You know — I didn’t realize you had said “i want to come in my own mouth” — whoa — I just about passed out reading that.

        13.07.14 at 22.27

        • i’m just happy that you like the idea 😉

          13.07.15 at 05.28

          • Love the idea…

            13.07.15 at 08.31

            • and that’s all the encouragement i need 😉

              13.07.15 at 09.26

  7. Dude, Kyle that is seriously awesome. Bravo!

    13.07.14 at 17.29

    • thank you my friend – it was one of those pieces that just came

      13.07.14 at 17.30

      • Har har har, good one. Great to you see you around these parts by the way, you have been sorely missed.

        13.07.14 at 17.31

        • thank you sir – i have missed all you guys too 🙂

          13.07.14 at 17.32

  8. Wow, AWESOME Dude! 😀

    13.07.14 at 17.15

    • thank you so much – that means the world to me 😆

      13.07.14 at 17.21

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