you filled my mind today
and you filled my heart
you filled my pants too

14 responses

  1. What with, though?

    13.07.25 at 22.31

  2. Really, why can’t I come up with shit like this — hahaha! Mama likes!

    13.07.21 at 22.42

  3. lucky

    13.07.21 at 18.44

  4. would have thought you filled your own pants … and she/he would have reduced them

    13.07.21 at 18.42

    • don’t understand the question

      13.07.21 at 20.29

      • well maybe I was thinking a little too outside the box … no matter

        13.07.22 at 03.58

  5. 🙂

    13.07.21 at 16.55

  6. Nice.

    13.07.21 at 16.09

  7. And I’m assuming you’re not talking from the perspective of a baby filling its nappie. Because I have that experience. Like right now.

    13.07.21 at 15.57

    • i was worried that that might be the interpretation – i kinda meant from the front, in a tent pole style lol – see a doctor my friend, or stop reading my blog lol

      13.07.21 at 16.34

      • A saucy comment to the wife might work better than any doctor. Probably more fun too.

        13.07.21 at 21.36

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