The Ice Queen

The archaeologists were astounded when they discovered the body of a man frozen deep within the glacier. It wasn’t so much the discovery of human remains, buried timelessly in the unforgiving ice that amazed them, there had been dozens of such finds, but the fact that he had been found naked and erect and smiling. If only they had known the legend of the Ice Queen.
Her heart had been frozen, eons ago, through the betrayal and cruelty of men, and she had since become a thing of majestic, yet tragic, beauty. As strong and unyielding as ice itself, cold, magnificently rare and as precious as she was dangerous.
She could, with a single gentle caress of her fingers, turn any man to ice within a few excruciating seconds. All who had heard of her knew this and feared her. So it was with no small surprise that she watched him strip and approach her, his slender frame shivering with the cold. She knew that it took guts to stand that close to her: within touching distance. To offer himself naked and tumescent was even more remarkable. He must realise, she understood, that she could destroy him with a single gentle stroke of her hand against his trembling flesh. He stared greedily at her polar beauty, knowing full well the price he was about to pay but so powerfully was he drawn to her, that his life seemed a tiny cost. A life without ever having gazed on such outstanding beauty would have been a pointless one he figured, as he gingerly took a step closer.
The Ice Queen slid her fingers slowly down and then around him, the glimmer of  smile playing on her lips as she stared deep into his eyes and watched as her glacial power surged, needle like, through his limbs, his veins crystallising.
He made no attempt to escape as the heat of his passion clashed with her arctic touch, deep inside him, making his mind swim and his body shudder as pain and pleasure beyond mortal imagination collided, causing his soul to erupt before her
She watched, intoxicated, as the ice reached his heart and she didn’t let go of him before the light behind his eyes had slowly flickered and gone out.
for the 1st time in 10,000 years, she felt a little warmth, deep within herself and a tiny bead of moisture melted and trickled slowly and enticingly down the inside of her thigh.

10 responses

  1. I’d say it’s beautiful, and it is. Can’t call it hot, because it is a cold that burns, like liquid nitrogen. Well done.

    13.07.22 at 12.04

    • thank you susan – more of a winter tale than a summer one i guess

      13.07.22 at 12.44

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous or as you Brits say – Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant….it reminds me of a video I have to go watch now. xxxx, Jayne

    13.07.22 at 10.36

    • thanks jayne – have fun 🙂

      13.07.22 at 10.57

      • can’t talk – I’m gripped in agony

        13.07.22 at 11.18

  3. This is beautiful. Worthy of your current project I think. Surprised you don’t.

    13.07.22 at 09.57

    • thanks rhonda, maybe i will then 😆

      13.07.22 at 10.57

      • Hope you do…it’s a keeper

        13.07.22 at 10.58

  4. Beautiful Kyle.

    13.07.22 at 07.58

    • thank you agatha – i wrote it a long time ago and just refound it

      13.07.22 at 08.26

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