Your breasts

To see your breasts, I would steal,

To touch them, I would kill,

To oil them, I would take on armies,

To taste them, I would die,

And, to come on them, in Hell, I would happily fry.

15 responses

  1. artfulhelix

    LMAO, got to love the comment! Not how I’d describe you but then again I where fedoras too. I’ve always loved them, but I have a hat obsession 😉 Much love from me as always.

    13.07.28 at 10.17

  2. Anonymous

    Wow. This is great. Just what I was looking for! I was Google-searching ALL DAY for a Euro Trash douche hipster who looks like a sloppy rendition of Robert DeNiro’s character in ‘Taxi Driver’ and this hit the nail on the head. Part of the criteria was that he had to wear shitty fedoras and be an old pervert from London! You are my dream come true! Also, the catch was he had to write horrible poetry about sex to make up for his lack of a life beyond the internet. PERFECT! I’ll be reading all the rest of yourself now to make up for lost time. Cheerio, mate!

    13.07.23 at 12.59

    • thanks for the feedback. i love “eurotrash douche hipster” mind if i use it? i guess its pretty easy to be so honest when you’re anonymous – thanks again tho and please drop by anytime – and just because you’re anonymous doesn’t mean i can’t trace your ip address to baltimore 🙂

      13.07.23 at 13.31

    • Wow…gotta love the anonymous comments with the personal touches here. Rofl. Geez Mew…sounds like you pissed off some east coast diva who perhaps thought her breasteses were better than someone elses? 🙂

      13.07.23 at 19.23

    • Andrew

      Personally, I would suggest that someone who spends all day long searching for perverts on the internet, can’t have much of a life!!

      13.07.28 at 17.50

  3. Kyle. Amen.

    13.07.23 at 07.50

  4. You have quite the talent for taking what’s raunchy and making it readable. Nicely done.

    13.07.22 at 23.16

    • thank you so much

      13.07.23 at 06.26

  5. and you haven’t even seen mine yet

    13.07.22 at 17.52

    • would i be happy to burn in hell, if i could?

      13.07.22 at 17.55

      • well they are quite something so many have told me

        13.07.22 at 17.56

        • i’m too much of a gent to ask to see them but i will imagine that you have the finest breasts i could ever hope to see 🙂

          13.07.22 at 17.59

          • maybe … just the rest may be a let down 🙂

            13.07.22 at 17.59

            • i’m sure that’s not true

              13.07.22 at 18.03

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