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so, the bbc have gone kind of mental today – there are riots in egypt and brazil, an earthquake in china, and barcelona are changing their manager, but there was only one item of news on the radio and tv today: woman has baby. 385,000 women give birth every day, so how is it news? she was of a normal child bearing age and was pregnant for around nine months. the child was a boy and that was not know before today but that’s still not news, only if it had been neither boy or girl would it have constituted news. this has been rolling, non-stop news since i woke up. the sun newspaper even changed its name today to “the son”. fucksake! the bbc has a “live royal baby coverage” page, with amazing facts like how the grandparents are happy about the birth. really? are they really? i would never have guessed that. thank you bbc.


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  1. At least it makes sense in your own country…the fact that the royal baby got so much damn coverage in the states is just weird…

    13.07.24 at 06.02

    • yes especially considering what lengths you went to to get rid of royalty lol

      13.07.24 at 07.48

  2. Yes–glad the baby is healthy, yada, yada, yada…Why WE care so much over here after we expended so much effort not to have a royal family is beyond me 😉

    13.07.23 at 12.23

    • You mean we DON’T have a royal family Susan? And yeah, Kyle, you are exactly right. Glad it’s healthy, glad the Mother’s okay, now let’s move on….this good news stuff is gettin’ old! 🙂

      13.07.23 at 13.23

      • It sure is getting old. I just read a quote where she (Kate) did the “perfect” thing by shoving out a boy right away. OMG, there’s a poem there…

        13.07.23 at 13.32

      • haha – you’re so right – hope my anti royalist sentiments weren’t too obvious 😆

        13.07.23 at 13.32

        • obvious or not…it’s still a valid point. and it’s a tad ludicrous to thanking the mother for pushing out a son right away isn’t it? i mean, we all know the father determines the sex, so why not thank william instead? for producing the ‘good seed’? ffs

          13.07.23 at 13.35

    • its ridiculous isn’t it? thanks susan

      13.07.23 at 13.29

      • Thank you, Kyle. i was all smiles when I read your post, after so much “yay the baby is here” crap elsewhere.

        13.07.23 at 13.31

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