A little secret

Shhh, and I’ll let you in on a little secret.

I have very dark eyes, they are almost black, and I don’t need sunglasses. I do wear them though, in the summer, but only so that I can look at women’s tits without them realizing.

I am worried however that the slobbering might give the game away.

17 responses

  1. G

    Kyle, your comment strings are almost as good as your posts! I’m highly entertained here!

    13.07.30 at 18.40

    • i only write for the comments – they are my number one source of masturbation material

      13.07.30 at 20.25

  2. Grow a beard? Harder to see the drool that way.

    13.07.28 at 19.39

    • hahaha…you are shirley a canadian NB….no one would have thought of that but YOU.

      13.07.28 at 20.03

      • I am a die-hard Canadian. And don’t call me Shirley!

        13.07.28 at 22.58

      • I like the picture by the way. I’m glad you don’t have a beard.

        13.07.28 at 23.01

        • that’s YOUR area…not mine. I shave every day!

          13.07.28 at 23.08

    • smart thinking man, thanks

      13.07.29 at 05.34

  3. and the bump in your pants

    13.07.28 at 14.36

    • that’s a bit of a give away too i guess – well it is, now i’ve heard from you

      13.07.28 at 15.44

  4. I love guys who slobber Kyle! 🙂 (I have no tits though! MERDE!)

    13.07.28 at 14.25

    • shut up – you are beautiful

      13.07.28 at 15.43

  5. don’t forget to get some for the back of your head too….one must not be caught gawking at the sweet asses either. and yes, you do have eyes in the back of your head. seen ’em.

    13.07.28 at 12.28

    • very true and so right 🙂

      13.07.28 at 15.42

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