Good boy

you are on top, riding me – its our first time and we fit like a candle and a flame – our orgasms build together and, as they rise, like duel tsunamis so mighty they could tear whole continents apart, you slap me, hard across the face.

i jump in shock and pain at first, and my body jolts, ramming my cock even harder into you. i only get a second to see the pleasure this brings you before you slap me again, with the other hand and harder. my orgasm is poleaxed, although i keep on spurting into you, my prick pulsing harder than ever. your orgasm, though, seems magnified by your power, and you erupt on top of me, and your climax hits you like a huge swarm of desert birds hits the sky when excited by a storm. you call me disgusting names. you spit straight into my face and slap me again and again. then you ball up your fist and raise it up. i can see how much you want to bring it slamming down, just by looking into your eyes. you would bloody my nose, maybe even break it. our eyes lock and i brace myself. i see just how hard you have to work to stop yourself.  your eyes burn with a love very few know. the love of giving and taking pain. i see, in your eyes and heart, how hard it is not to punch me with all your force and i know that i love you.

after, we lay together and kiss. your eyes still burn as hot as your pussy and i know that next time you might not be able to hold back. next time you will want more of me. then we kiss and cuddle and you tell me i am a good boy, and that everything will be ok. just as i fall peacefully asleep, you punch me in the balls.

that is when i realise, just how much i love you.

9 responses

  1. Ouch, that would be so unsexy! But the way you tell it is pretty hot!

    13.08.11 at 07.55

    • thank you so much – that was the effect i was looking for 🙂

      13.08.11 at 07.59

  2. ” its our first time and we fit like a candle and a flame”, beautiful. I wasnt expecting the punch in the balls at the end. Loved every second of this 🙂

    13.07.31 at 16.27

    • neither was he – she is such a naughty girl, you gotta love her – thanks petal 🙂

      13.07.31 at 17.08

  3. Oh Jesus Kyle! The dual orgasm you describe is divine, utterly religious. I’m very intrigued by the space that they inhabit.

    13.07.31 at 08.30

    • thanks sandee – religious is what i was going for, so you comment is music to my ears

      13.07.31 at 08.38

  4. You write so exquisitely Kyle. You make my spine tingle.

    13.07.31 at 02.17

    • that was the plan – thank you

      13.07.31 at 08.00

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