The kisses of your whip

the kisses of your whip
are as sweet
as those from your lips.

the burning of my flesh
feels as good
as the vision of your breasts.

8 responses

  1. Love this b/c psychological whip can produce this too…

    13.07.30 at 11.10

    • sometimes psychological torture/submission can be even more painful/beautiful

      13.07.30 at 11.13

      • ********Agreed.***********

        13.07.30 at 11.24

        • do tell me more, please

          13.07.30 at 12.09

  2. Mmmm…

    13.07.30 at 10.52

    • the perfect answer sandee – thank you

      13.07.30 at 11.13

  3. why am I now thinking riding boots and red painted talons?

    13.07.30 at 10.52

    • probably because you have a great imagination and a good appreciation of women in charge – why am i now thinking of you wearing those boots and painted talons?

      13.07.30 at 11.09

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