The rain

the rain came down like bullets – every drop was as big as a pea and i just watched as it kicked up the dust and scared the shit out of the spiders and even a cat

7 responses

  1. Come to our country. We will give you real rain. Also real cats and spiders.

    13.07.30 at 18.38

    • oh i really believe that – the weather here is a pussy – its why tonight was so refreshing and unusual

      13.07.30 at 20.24

      • I just escaped Florida. Florida in July is all about random lightning and torrential rain, then 35 celsius and full humidity. Nice place to visit.

        13.07.31 at 00.52

  2. Ahahaha!

    13.07.30 at 17.41

  3. I don’t really know what comprises a haiku but this has that same sense — I like this.

    13.07.30 at 16.52

    • a haiku has five
      sillyballs then seven and
      i like you too hon

      13.07.30 at 17.16

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