All I have to do

first you have me sharpen the knife, in front of you, on the whet stone. you have me get it so sharp that it could cut a human soul in two. there is something greedy in your eyes as you watch, something animal and deep and dark, something beautifully frightening. you don’t have to ask, i know to hand it to you. i try not to tremble. you hold it so that the tip barely touches my cock. i feel just the tiniest prick against my yielding flesh. all i have to do, you tell me with a smile that is as evil as it is sweet, is not get an erection. stay flaccid and i am safe, my cock is safe. i know this to be true. i can see in your powerful, lust filled, beautiful eyes that you are not going to move the blade. all i have to do is not get a hard-on.
you know what you are doing to me as, with your other hand, and insanely slowly, you start unbuttoning your top. you look right at me and into me as my already watering eyes start to take in the sight of your cleavage and the way your nipples start to poke through the soft cotton. even through the length of the cold sharp steel, you can feel me growing. longer and thicker, pressing against it, my pulse quickening. your top unbuttoned, all you have to do is slide it open, with a single finger to expose your glorious breasts. all i have to do, is not get an erection.

18 responses

  1. you make me have the most warped thoughts as half way through reading I started thinking about using a mousetrap that would activate if bumped by an erection, I think I need to get back to working on the darkness of the novel as an outlet now you are blogging once more lol

    13.08.19 at 14.32

    • i think carefully balanced on the belly would do it – it would be a fascinating mental torture as he fought with the competing forces inside him – it would take a very cruel woman to deliberately tried to excite him, wouldn’t it?

      13.08.19 at 15.33

      • personally would rig it so it wouldn’t actually snap shut just would forget to mention it to the bloke concerned lol

        13.08.19 at 15.34

        • that would be just as cruel, well almost πŸ™‚

          13.08.19 at 17.53

  2. I’m always thrilled when someone has an erection because of me! Ha!


    13.08.13 at 12.42

    • you must be thrilled often then

      13.08.13 at 13.13

      • Less than I would like to be. πŸ™‚

        13.08.13 at 14.42

        • well then i hope it helps to tell you that you just gave me one πŸ˜‰

          13.08.13 at 15.17

          • YAY! It does help me My Kyle!

            13.08.13 at 15.29

            • and another!

              13.08.13 at 15.37

              • RIGHT fucking ON! πŸ™‚

                (Americans talk like that Kyle, no offense!)

                13.08.15 at 10.40

                • i love americans dawn – americans, canadians, australians, fucking everybody – the only people i don’t like are those from bigotronia

                  13.08.15 at 11.24

                  • Oh good! I hate bigotrons too.

                    13.08.15 at 11.27

                    • they are called bigotronians, you racist! lol – i love you

                      13.08.15 at 11.55

                    • oops!

                      13.08.15 at 11.57

  3. You like “torture”! Whatever you do – Don’t get an erection! Don’t think of how you’d like to….

    13.08.12 at 14.58

    • but you just made me think of that…

      13.08.12 at 16.26

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