That you would make me watch
as you pleasured yourself,
knowing that I could not,
is as beautiful
as it is cruel.
That you would enjoy
it more,
because of this,
is as mean
as it is sweet.
Making me turn my back,
so I can only hear
you come,
is a godly
as it is evil.
Why is it,
that God and Satan
are always portrayed
as two separate beings,
When combined,
as one,
they would be worthy
of the worship they crave?

7 responses

  1. PAZ

    The Devil and God are not very different after all. πŸ˜› Damn you Kyle. I’ve been thinking of sex all week and as I’m attempting to busy myself with other things, you go on and only reminded me just now. *SMACK*

    13.08.14 at 22.19

  2. I absolutely love this πŸ™‚

    13.08.13 at 16.24

  3. Reading these words really makes me want to have a great time with my vibrator, then send you photos.

    13.08.12 at 11.27

    • i would suggest, and even recommend, doing both those things

      13.08.12 at 11.34

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