Your gift

Your gift arrives in the post, in a plain brown box. It is a dildo, about eight inches long. It is thick, looks just like a real cock and has a vibrating function and something I can only describe as a ‘squirm function’. With it, you send a short and simple note: “Place this in your freezer, then go out and buy some ‘hot sauce’ and await my instructions. Do NOT forget your promise. xxx” I do as you ask, my heart racing and my whole body shaking uncontrollably, as I do so.

3 responses

  1. WoW! What happened next?

    13.08.13 at 12.43

    • well, that’s entirely up to your imagination as i’m still waiting on your instructions 😉

      13.08.13 at 13.13

      • My instructions:

        Keep waiting! 😉 hihihihi!

        13.08.13 at 14.40

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