Reward and punishment

i long for your rewards,
i fear your punishment.
your control is total
and obedience guaranteed.
but what will you ask?
how much of me
will you demand?
will you push me to my limits?
will you test your own?
i do not know.
how dark is your imagination?
or how far you will go?
i just know,
i want you to take me there.

9 responses

  1. I didn’t hear a ‘please.’

    13.08.15 at 03.41

    • pleeeeeaaaaase?

      13.08.15 at 06.54

  2. Anonymous

    Kyle, I think my new addiction is untouchable men… or maybe chasing after the unavailable. I’m not quite sure. hmmmm.

    13.08.14 at 21.51

    • PAZ

      This is P, amazing little P. Why in the fuck is it saying I’m anonymous. Is WP trying to kick me out ’cause I don’t log in anymore?

      BARRGGGH. I wanna punch someone. Kyyleeeee. Kyllleee. Come ‘ere

      13.08.14 at 21.52

    • who ever said i’m untouchable

      13.08.15 at 06.53

  3. This is a really cool perspective. You teach me new things Kyle!! xoxoxo. Jayne

    13.08.14 at 13.34

    • if i can excite you a little, that is all i need – thank you jayne xo 🙂

      13.08.14 at 13.41

      • Oh – you did more than excite me babe!! You get my juices flowing and my heart racing.

        13.08.14 at 13.44

        • then i know i have done a good job

          13.08.14 at 13.53

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