Oh God

oh god!
how i love your eyes,
and your tits,
and your thighs.

oh god!
how i love your toes,
and your butt,
and your nose,

and god!
how i love your armpits
as much
as i love your tits.

oh god!
how i love your ass,
like a cow
loves the grass.

but god!
how i love your tits,
but i
already said this.

19 responses

  1. Hah, love this. Short and sweet, and does what it says on the tin šŸ™‚

    13.08.21 at 15.56

    • i just wish i could have found a word to rhyme with elbow – thank you honey

      13.08.21 at 16.09

  2. Tits rule.

    13.08.21 at 08.18

    • yes! they rock and rule! well, yours do

      13.08.21 at 08.38

  3. Some things need to be repeated… šŸ˜‰

    13.08.21 at 05.47

    • thank you, thank you

      13.08.21 at 07.14

  4. šŸ˜€ Made me smile, as always.

    13.08.21 at 03.39

    • thank you – you made my day, as always

      13.08.21 at 07.14

  5. Nice.

    13.08.20 at 20.19

  6. who is this? cannot possibly be mew! not with THAT title. and armpits? really

    13.08.20 at 19.17

    • really? i thought it was so me.

      13.08.20 at 20.40

  7. G

    Hehe, good one!

    13.08.20 at 19.10

    • aw thanks šŸ™‚ why did you like it?

      13.08.20 at 19.11

      • G

        I’m a big fan of rhyming, tits, and ass

        13.08.20 at 19.11

        • tits and ass?
          so coming fast!

          13.08.20 at 20.39

  8. like a cow loves grass, lmfao šŸ˜€

    13.08.20 at 19.08

    • like a cow needs grass

      13.08.20 at 20.37

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