A million light years

i fuck you so hard that you have to grab hold of the furniture, just to stay upright, just to stay conscious. we fuck so hard that the whole room rattles with our raw lust. glass, crockery and paper fly. cupboards burst open, their contents dashing themselves recklessly on the floor in an uncontrolled carnal symphony. shelves collapse. glasses explode. the window shatters. candles inexplicably ignite themselves. the light bulb above our head glows fiercely, before exploding and showering us with tiny shards, and as we come, cars crash outside. alarms go off. hydrants erupt. several people nearby have heart attacks. power stations burst into flames. tsunamis and earthquakes wipe out millions. new craters appear on the moon. black holes, swallow solar systems, and stars are born in a distant gas cloud a million light years away.

10 responses

  1. So that’s the big bang 😉

    13.08.27 at 06.37

    • ah yes – wish i’d thought of that 🙂

      13.08.27 at 07.57

  2. Hahahaha! — yeah!

    13.08.24 at 17.03

  3. The butterfly effect of orgasm…

    13.08.24 at 14.10

    • I vote for CHAOS…carnal chaos

      13.08.24 at 14.25

      • who knows and why not?

        13.08.24 at 15.43

    • you stole my theory! 😉

      13.08.24 at 15.58

      • not sure i did – but thanks for the inspiration 🙂

        13.08.24 at 16.01

        • Chaos has a theory sure…but who came up with Carnal Chaos? just sayin’ hehe

          13.08.24 at 16.04

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