i wanna lick you

lick your shoulders
and your neck,
lick your feet,
and lick your hair.

lick your belly
and your toes,
lick your asshole,
lick your nose.

lick your chin
and lick your back,
lick your nostrils,
lick your crack.

lick your ears
and your eyes,
lick your pussy,
lick your thighs.

lick your knees
and your armpits,
lick your elbows,
lick your tits.

11 responses

  1. Good stuff 🙂

    13.08.24 at 14.03

  2. He said, EVERY goddammotherfuckingwhere — ow!

    13.08.24 at 10.05

    • i don’t want to miss a single inch

      13.08.24 at 10.15

  3. Doctor Meuss? 😉

    13.08.24 at 09.37

    • haha – brilliant comment – love it – ta 😆

      13.08.24 at 09.39

      • there’s definitely a sequel…yw

        13.08.24 at 09.41

  4. Don’t laugh. I was close to singing while reading it!

    13.08.24 at 09.24

    • not laughing at all – its a lovely idea

      13.08.24 at 09.28

  5. I want you to lick me everyfuckingwhere! please

    13.08.24 at 09.23

    • what a mouth-watering idea 😉

      13.08.24 at 09.28

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