The power of thought

I think of you often.
I think of you,
Long and hard.
Thoughts rise up,
Ideas bubble,
My imagination tingles
With electric visions.
My mind throbs
And then erupts,
Thoughts fly
And flow,
Dribbling down
And over my soul,
Thoughts so
Hot and sticky
I can taste them.

8 responses

  1. what’s on your mind. reading the thoughts within someone’s head. great post bud. have been reading your posts so far. pretty good blog.thanks for the good reads.

    13.10.06 at 12.41

    • thank you maria – your comment is much appreciated

      13.10.06 at 14.19

  2. Gotta love hot, sticky…thoughts… šŸ˜‰

    13.09.20 at 21.06

    • thanks šŸ™‚ glad you enjoyed it – i’ll be thinking of you šŸ˜‰

      13.09.21 at 09.06

  3. My Kyle…I loved that one!


    13.09.20 at 12.45

    • thank you dawn – kisses – k

      13.09.21 at 08.19

  4. Love! Leaving it all on the page with this one.

    13.09.20 at 11.53

    • thanks rhonda šŸ˜†

      13.09.20 at 12.00

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