The party

so, the party is in full swing. everyone is having a good time. the music is rocking, the booze flowing and the smoke billowing. i’m playing a game of acid chess with a hot italian chic. it involves no pieces and no board and i think i’m winning. everyone is having a great time, that is until he shows up.

“oh fuck!” i hear someone mutter and i look up and there he is, surveying the revelry. you can feel the atmosphere drain from the room. most of us try to pretend we haven’t seen him, but it does no good.
“quiet everyone!” he shouts, “there’s something i need to say.” as the sound dies down, a few eyes roll as we reluctantly look his way. “i just want you all to know that i love you. all of you.” there is a general murmur and a few ‘thanks mate’ and ‘that’s nice’. hoping that’s it, everyone tries to get back to the fun, but i’ve been here before and i know there’s no chance of that, not now. “excuse me!” he barks, drawing all our attentions back to him,” but didn’t i just say something?” you can almost taste the collective sigh.
“we love to too man.” someone says and the rest of us nod and utter in agreement.
“well then,” he demands, “don’t you think it would be a nice idea if you all starting singing some songs about me, about how cool it is that i love you all so much?” everyone realises that this cunt is way too boorish to be ignored and somebody starts humming.

the italian chic and i sneak out the back, unseen, with a couple of others, and as we’re waiting for a bus she asks me “who was that asshole?”
“oh him,” i say, “that’s god.”

17 responses

  1. Very, very epic.

    14.02.07 at 19.30

    • thank you very much

      14.02.08 at 15.59

  2. you ok?

    14.01.18 at 21.26

    • yes thank you darling – not been blogging but i am good – how are you?

      14.01.19 at 11.10

  3. Damn it, are you ever coming back or what?

    14.01.07 at 08.05

  4. You know it’s been like a month since you posted anything. Your fans are waiting.

    13.12.08 at 11.45

    • sorry guys – i’ll be with ya soon, i promise šŸ™‚

      13.12.16 at 16.04

  5. Acid chess haha awesome! Loved the end very clever.

    13.11.18 at 10.53

  6. That was a good smack across the chops, Kyle. Thanks for the wake up medicine. Anger much appreciated.

    13.10.19 at 04.34

    • anytime my friend šŸ™‚

      13.10.19 at 08.58

  7. šŸ™‚ Didn’t expect the end, a good one. šŸ™‚

    13.10.19 at 00.23

    • šŸ™‚ glad you enjoyed it šŸ™‚

      13.10.19 at 08.58

  8. I was waiting for the Devil to be honest! Hahaha šŸ™‚

    13.10.18 at 15.30

    • hahaha – thanks hon šŸ˜†

      13.10.19 at 08.57

  9. Ha! šŸ˜€ Good one.

    13.10.18 at 14.55

    • thanks šŸ˜€

      13.10.18 at 15.07

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