She is like a starving lioness, craving the kill, desperate for the taste of blood, the sensation of tearing flesh and the sweet stench of terror from her prey. She needs to feed. She longs to devour and feast. She needs to eat. Her hunger so strong that it hurts, consuming her every waking moment and drenching her dreams. It’s the only thing she can think about. She simply has to feel her teeth sinking into soft, terrified flesh. It’s in her very nature, to choke and kill and devour. She has no choice in the matter. It is who she is and it is what makes her so beautiful.

The best thing about her is that she’s coming round later tonight for what she describes as a barbecue. I’m just a little puzzled, as I don’t have a yard, but I’m sure she knows what she’s talking about, and I can’t wait to find out.

18 responses

  1. As an avid bbq-er…might I suggest you keep a supply of one of my personal favorites in your cupboard for her added gnawing pleasure? It’s called Bone Sucking Sauce…

    14.04.10 at 09.13

    • thanks for the tip rhonda, i’ll be sure to get a large bottle πŸ˜†

      14.04.10 at 09.37

  2. It’s always hard to resist jumping to the end of your posts to see the pay-off, because there’s always a good one. Hope you’re having a good night, wink wink nudge nudge (I don’t do those blasted emoticons but you know what I mean, man).

    14.04.09 at 18.30

    • she’s here now and she’s hungry – shit! what do i do? help me trent! – emoticon wink

      14.04.09 at 19.15

      • Grrrrr… just dazzle her with emoticons, that’s my advice. Pick some juicy ones though.

        14.04.09 at 19.46

        • like what tho? will πŸ˜† do or πŸ™‚ or do i just surrender?

          14.04.09 at 20.00

          • Of all the people, YOU don’t know of a juicy emoticon somewhere????

            14.04.09 at 20.10

  3. A fierce and beautiful creature! I think you are definitely the menu πŸ˜‰

    14.04.09 at 16.23

    • i hope at least that i’m savoured and not just gobbled up – thank you

      14.04.09 at 16.50

  4. “like” — that last part I swear made my mouth water a little. Maybe because I imagined you covered in barbecue sauce.

    14.04.09 at 14.25

    • i fear that some of that sauce might be throbbing and twitching a little – lol

      14.04.09 at 15.13

  5. I’m just smiling at your blog. Good to have your voice around. Kisses, Jayne

    14.04.09 at 13.18

    • thanks darling – so miss making you smile – kisses back at ya

      14.04.09 at 13.22

  6. welcome back good to see you blogging again have a great day ^_^

    14.04.09 at 13.09

    • thank you kezia, you too – hope you enjoyed – good to be back too

      14.04.09 at 13.21

  7. Where have you been My Kyle? πŸ™‚
    Welcome back!


    14.04.09 at 12.23

    • i have been exploring πŸ™‚ thank you my dawn – kisses back to you

      14.04.09 at 12.27

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