Just while i finish…

i had to go to the doctor’s today – i hate it, the depression of the waiting room, the risk of catching a cold, all the posters reminding me of all the horrible diseases and afflictions, i could, and probably will end up getting. most of all, i hate the wait. i know they’re busy and the service is stretched, but to be surrounded by miserable looking fuckers, coughing and sneezing over me is just a shitty way to spend the best part of a morning – thank fuck i’ve got minecraft on my phone, at least.

eventually, i get to see my doctor. she is a hot young asian woman, and, thanks to the recent mild weather, is displaying a cleavage that i could happily spend six months in. this makes discussing personal matters rather awkward, and after several minutes watching her staring, uncomfortably, at her computer display, she turns to me and breaks the news. “i’m very sorry mr mew, but you are going to have to stop masturbating.” i’m flabbergasted.
“what?” i exclaim, “why?” my world collapsing around me, “forever?”
“no, not forever, mr mew,” she sighs, almost scowling, “just while i finish examining you.”



8 responses

  1. love this and good to see you writing again have a great day kyle x

    14.04.26 at 11.01

    • thanks kizzy x

      14.04.28 at 07.14

  2. Ha! I’m happy that you are back!

    I always tell myself, the advantage to having a mental illness (me, not you) is that you can look at all the magazines at the doctor’s office without being worried to catch something new. 🙂 a bright side!


    14.04.19 at 03.55

    • kisses right back at ya my dawn

      14.04.20 at 19.17

  3. You, sir, are a total shit… and I love you for it.

    14.04.18 at 23.01

    • and i love you too

      14.04.20 at 19.16

  4. tsk tsk mew. and here you are complaining about all the flotsam and jetsam floating around the waiting room. imagine for a moment that you are not the only one ‘appreciating’ your doc? now…think about that exam table you are sitting on. ha!

    14.04.18 at 11.10

    • as always, you make such good points rhonda 😆

      14.04.20 at 19.16

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