drown in my pain.
let it fill you up,
breathe it in,
inhale it,
drink it,
shower in it.

let my pain
drench you
in pleasure,
feast on it,
drip to it.

come to my screams,
get high on my begging,
explode every time
you say no,
every time
you take more
of me.

bathe in my pain,
let it
cleanse you
and fulfill you,
crave it,
need it
take it all.

fuck yourself deep
with my agony,
caress your clit
with my fear.

see me finished
and broken
and know
you’ve only
just begun.


10 responses

  1. Sweet mother… wait, don’t involve my mother in this! You sicko!

    14.04.21 at 22.00

    • but she asked so nicely 🙂

      14.04.22 at 09.48

      • Ha!

        14.04.22 at 12.49

      • sorry trentle but this made me laugh ^_^ good to hear your voice again kyle ^_^

        14.04.26 at 10.58

        • just in case anyone isnt clear it was the comments that made me laugh not kyles excellent poem which by the way is excellent

          14.04.26 at 10.59

        • and good to make you laugh 🙂

          14.04.28 at 07.13

  2. That made me sad Kyle. I’d rather revel in your uniqueness.


    14.04.21 at 06.43

    • that’s very sweet of you dawn xx

      14.04.21 at 08.01

  3. You’ve been a very bad boy.

    14.04.20 at 19.49

    • very very bad 🙂

      14.04.21 at 08.01

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