i wanna eat you
in the crude sense
not the literal one
i do wanna lick you
all over your body
and taste your sweat
i wanna smell you
inhale your stink
sup from your cunt
i will eat you until you cry
with pleasure and i
am full

7 responses

  1. Famished, are we?

    14.05.02 at 23.51

    • starving 🙂

      14.05.04 at 06.35

  2. Get all up in that funk, yeah hahaha!

    14.05.02 at 18.44

  3. cunt…it’s what’s for dinner.
    what’s for desert…something tit-alizing I hope

    14.05.02 at 12.00

    • was hoping for a three-course meal lol – thanks for your comment 😆

      14.05.02 at 13.23

      • well seeing as they come in pairs…I’d say you’re on a roll. and sure thing, thanks for yours

        14.05.02 at 14.45

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