All Sticky

when i taste your flesh,
i want it all sticky.
when i kiss your breasts,
i want them all sweaty.

when you fuck my face,
i want you to stink.
when i lick your arse,
i want you to reek.

when i kiss your tits,
i want to taste your cunt,
and when i lick your lips,
i want to taste my cum.

7 responses

  1. Hahaha! Dirty never sounded so tasty. Yay!

    14.07.10 at 15.40

    • licking my lips sandee

      14.07.10 at 15.52

  2. why does this make me want to do laundry? lol

    14.07.10 at 13.00

    • haha thanks rhonda, a good washing machine would surely be needed 😆

      14.07.10 at 13.25

    • Anonymous

      Serious laundry.

      14.07.10 at 13.33

  3. Unf.

    14.07.10 at 11.48

    • aw thanks kayla 🙂

      14.07.10 at 13.24

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