You give my soul a hard-on

you give my soul a hard-on,
you make my heart erect,
my being throb and pulsate,
my very core erupt.

you make my psyche tingle,
you make my mind inflate,
my life force squirt and dribble,
my spirit ejaculate.

7 responses

  1. I like this very much. And the fact that you are posting some again.

    14.09.10 at 16.49

    • thank you marian – it makes it so much better, knowing you enjoyed it 🙂

      14.09.10 at 17.36

  2. e spiritus ejaculus amen

    14.09.09 at 19.01

    • haha – good one rhonda 😆

      14.09.10 at 15.07

  3. This makes my soul drip with silken want…

    14.09.09 at 18.44

    • which, in turn, makes mine grow with rigid desire…

      14.09.10 at 15.28

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