Growing old

As I get older, I find that I can’t do a lot of the things I used to do.   I used to be able to bend an iron bar over my erect phallus. It was a great party trick. I can’t do it any more though, my wrists are shot to fuck.

3 responses

  1. For me it’s the thumbs. Fucking things are useless! Sucks when you need those opposable fuckers to still do what you use-ta could and but now can’t even if ya wants-ta

    Wait…I just un-forgot somethin’ I use-ta remember….it’s the mind that goes first!

    Shit, now THATS-A-BITCH when you can’t remember what you use-ta-could but now-ya-can’t cause you ferget how!

    Now where’d I put my vibrator…….anybody?

    14.09.10 at 17.20

    • haha – i’m sure i don’t know 😉

      14.09.10 at 17.37

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