I discovered something really creepy about myself today

I discovered something really creepy about myself today, something that really freaked me out. I can talk to the dead. I’ve probably always been able to do it, it’s just I’ve never tried before. It’s not just a select few I can talk to either, I can talk to anyone I want, anyone who’s ever lived. I talked to Einstein earlier, and Jimi Hendrix, and Karl Marx. I even jerked off, talking to Princess Diana and Charlotte Bronte at the same time. It’s an incredible ability, being able to talk to the dead, truly amazing. I just wish they would talk back.

6 responses

  1. What? No Winehouse? Tsk Tsk

    14.09.11 at 20.11

    • haha – i was trying to be shocking rather than portray what i would actually do lol

      14.09.12 at 08.04

  2. I used to imagine fucking Clarke Gable. I’d love to conjure him up and have him say the craziest sideways shit to me while smoking and drinking scotch — aye aye aye!

    14.09.11 at 20.08

    • you’d wear him out sandee 🙂

      14.09.12 at 08.05

  3. What. The. Hell.

    14.09.11 at 19.48

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