You can call me a dreamer,
But when I think of Sakeena,
My thoughts should be cleaner,
As I reach for my wiener,
My heart in a fever,
And growing obscener,
Wishing I was between her
Thighs, getting deeper,
Like a huge paddle steamer,
Wanting only to please her,
And make her a screamer,
A laughing hyena,
Who’ll know nothing finer
Than when I kiss her
Hot, wet mouth.

3 responses

  1. Too bad she isn’t real… it was nice to read, though!

    15.04.14 at 05.05

  2. I want Sakeena now as well… where is she 😉

    14.09.17 at 14.34

    • sadly, in my imagination 😉

      14.09.19 at 06.08

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