Overheard on the bus

her: reading something earnestly to him from her phone

him: not really listening – “What? Street kids? They don’t care.”

i can’t see her face, but i can feel her horrified stare

him: “Sorry. I didn’t mean that. Of course they care.”

he goes back to his phone – she carries on glaring for a bit and then returns to her’s

a few seconds go by

him: “What I meant to say was, they don’t matter.”

3 responses

  1. LivRancourt

    Pretty much stepped into that one, didn’t he?

    17.07.06 at 12.01

  2. The sad commentary of the times is…they really DON’T care…and it doesn’t matter, actually, who ‘THEY’ are. Brilliant non the less love, as always. Then and now. xo

    17.07.04 at 14.06

    • thanks now 🙂

      17.07.04 at 15.12

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