I Watched Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride last night. It was delightful and very sweet. I fell in love with Emily here: the titular corpse.

The maggot in the eyeball made for a challenging wank at first, but I leaned into it, and I have to say, I fancy her something rotten.

4 responses

  1. funny, saw it myself for the first time recently…must have been something in the h-air 😉

    21.05.12 at 12.14

    • I loved it. it was so sweet, I just had to ruin it 😉 I really wanted him to end up with Emily though 😦

      21.05.12 at 13.10

      • if only we could write the endings 😉

        21.05.12 at 18.11

        • I believe we do 😉

          21.05.12 at 18.12

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