Why Learn Japanese

So, why am I learning Japanese? Well, primarily to piss off the girl I’m dating; she says it’s a garbage language, and she speaks about 18 of them, so she should know what she’s talking about. Nevertheless I thought it was a bit racist and told her so. She said that when I’ve had 600 of them  take a shit in my car, I’ll be in a position to judge. Then she hung up on me. Then she blocked me. I’ve really got to find out the rest of that story.

As for learning Japanese; I’m using DuoLingo, which is just brilliant! I’ve been doing it for a month and have learned around 60 words. I can say things like “Is it a small umbrella?” ‘chee-sai kasa des-ka?’ and “No, it’s a black dog” ‘ee-eh karoii eenu des’. I haven’t got to “Fuck you! You racist, smart-arsed, tight-cunted b****!” yet, I think it’s in module 19.

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  2. Well, please do find out the rest of that story… known a number of linguists and none of them thought Japanese was a garbage language. Perhaps she is a purist and feels a language that ‘potentially’ evolved from Chinese is garbage? But then she would have had to turn her nose up at anything Latin based… therefore would struggle to have 18 languages under her belt unless they were purist? (What is with the shitting in her car?) 私はニュージーランド出身です

    21.08.25 at 06.49

    • Watashi wa something something desu – “you are a new parrot” maybe?

      She only speaks 12 languages actually; I was exaggerating for comic effect. Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien, English, Singlish, Malay, Tamil, Italian, French, Stupid, German and Russian. She says she doesn’t speak the European languages; she studied them, but doesn’t speak them but that’s not true because I’ve seen her speak them {heard her?}.

      21.08.25 at 17.19

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