Alphabetti Spaghetti


“And you told them that?

“Yeah, of course.

“That you think I’m smarter than you?

“You know you are. Loads.

“You can’t really quantify intelligence.

“Don’t try to be modest, it doesn’t suit you. You’ve got a brain like a super-computer. Mine [BEAT] mine’s like a bowl of alphabetti spaghetti wired up to a car battery.

[LONG PAUSE] “I’m impressed la.”

“By what? My metaphor?

“It was a simile. [BEAT] No, by you.


“Yes. I’ve never met a man who was comfortable telling his friends that his girlfriend was cleverer than him. 


2 responses

  1. Dude, you are my Sunday morning fix, you know.

    21.09.19 at 07.25

    • Good to know Trent, ’cause he’s a right d***head every other day of the week 😉

      21.09.19 at 09.02

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