Grand Theft Auto

OK. So I’ve been playing GTA all night* and I have decided that it is a particularly dangerous game and should, at the very least, have a warning label.

Let me explain. It was after about 12 hours of merry mayhem – I make up my own stories and am not too into the whole violence side of the game; I’ll kill people if they irritate me or look at me funny or if I’m a bit bored, but otherwise I prefer to put on weight, dress in a shell suit, spend my nights gambling in the many casinos of Las Venturas and my days stealing police motorbikes and base-jumping off of anything I can find – Anyway I digress:

After a night of driving on the right, and looking to my left when crossing the street; I looked the wrong way when crossing the high street on my way to breakfast and nearly stepped in front of a taxi!

This game should be banned!

*San Andreas remastered, if you’re interested

4 responses

  1. Do try not to be smushed by an unwary vehicle, okay? I would be very sad.

    21.10.03 at 13.55

    • Don’t worry mate 🙂 I won’t be going out again.

      21.10.03 at 15.10

  2. LivRancourt

    Be careful! 🤣

    21.10.02 at 12.50

    • Thank you! The secret, I think, is to never leave the game.

      21.10.02 at 13.20

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