Hanging out


“We used to do this assault course – like an obstacle race for big boys – and they’d throw these things called thunder-flashes at us – like big fireworks – not at us but near us: to teach us not to be distracted. “They’d try all sorts. [BEAT] One corporal shouted out, when I was halfway across a plank 30 feet in the air ‘Oi Mew! You’ve got your dick hanging out!’


“It’s impossible not to look. It’s just human nature. Even when you’re flying through the air.

[LAUGHS] What happened?

“As I hit the deck I thought ‘Even if I had, that was not the time to check.

[STILL LAUGHING] “Very good. I fail to see how it’s relevant though.

“The racket the brats upstairs make: I treat it like the thunder-flashes and use it to strengthen my focus.

[CHUCKLING] “Your dick’s hanging out la.

“Even if it was, now would not be the time to check.

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