So… I’m looking for a new girlfriend.

Ideally she will be half French and half Japanese.
I don’t mind which half is which though – I’m not racist.

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  1. Hey there Mr. Mew. When I looked up Japanese brush painting, if memory serves me, the lore is that it was discovered on Dragon Bones. Markings were found on bones from a fire. It’s the stuff of legends. I have to find my notes. xoxox

    22.01.30 at 22.14

    • It is one of those languages that sits in a language family all on its own, what i think they call an isolate. I read that it would have been a creole language until the Chinese started writing it down about three thousand years ago, but no one knows so I prefer the dragon bone theory 😊

      22.01.31 at 05.34

  2. I see. Should they dislike one of those languages?

    22.01.21 at 09.38

    • Well, I’m learning Japanese, so that would be really cool and I’ve kinda forgotten all my schoolboy French… or my brain has just replaced it with Dutch, bits of Latvian, and some stuff I learnt from an ‘alien’ after taking some particularly sarcastic mushrooms. I think I may have been Japanese in a past life actually, ’cause I’ve really fallen in love with the language.

      22.01.21 at 10.24

      • I knew you would. You said as much, you know, with your words.

        22.01.21 at 10.26

        • It really is the freakiest thing I’ve ever done to my brain, and I’ve done a lot to it 😉 It’s really good for the old grey matter too apparently. I love how there are like three ‘alphabets’ and all the grammar is inside-out and back to front. I just need someone to talk it at now. You speak any languages petal? other than exquisite English, of course

          22.01.21 at 10.32

          • I loved Japanese when I was younger but didn’t stick at it. I speak a little Te Reo Maori and Spanish, definitely not fluent!

            22.01.21 at 18.48

            • Wow, thats really cool. Is Te Reo unique or related to others? I don’t know anything about pacific languages but Im kinda interested.

              22.01.22 at 14.51

              • that is far more complicated than I feel qualified to comment on, yet I do see some similarities, look up ‘Maui’.

                22.01.28 at 10.27

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