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Renee Writes Here

She sat in the tub with him. He wrapped his arms around her. Made her feel safe. Made her feel wanted. She grabbed the camera. Took a photo. Of this moment. Their moment. Their time together. They knew it was fleeting. That they couldn’t stay. That real life waited for them outside of that tub. That cocoon. That warmth. They held each other. Whispered sweet, dirty things as the steam rose up from the water and their warm skin. She leaned harder into his chest. He held her tighter. Kissed her neck. She whispered she loved him. Loved this. This moment. He put his hands in her hair. She caressed his legs. Felt their safety. Felt his longing for her in her back. She turned around. The water moved with her. Splashed everywhere. She didn’t care. She looked into his eyes. Told him she wasn’t leaving him. That she was…

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“fill up my spice rack with your kisses” awesome

Christina Strigas

The smoke fills the room

the alcohol the soul

my words are lined up like glass tiles

in some sort of obscure pattern

the grout is suffocating me

and the cupboards are full of dust

the angel is lit and glowing with radiance

I see the beauty and ugliness in the china

another angel is playing peekaboo

with my topsy-turvy emotions

the jam is covered with mold

the pickles haven’t been touched in months

the flowered tablecloth is putrid

and the fridge has no space for my hors d’oeuvres

enter my kitchen at your own risk

fill up my spice rack with your kisses

finish my recipes with your music

tidy up my messy papers with your touch

wash my dishes with your love

where are you already?

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