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Thank you

I’m not going to be around as much for the next few months. I have found a new book deal, and as a ‘so called writer’ I have to go with it. Its a dull technical tome on how to program smart-phones, much like my last book. It will contain no erections or wet pussies or orgasms (although I will try to sneak one or two past my editors) and will be as dry as hell to write, but it will mean that I can still continue to put food on my table using the words in my head. There is a certain irony to this deal – ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I can barely operate my own smart-phone, and I am the world’s worst ever DrawSomething player.

“Writing is about the only profession where nobody is surprised that you make absolutely no money”


I would much rather be here, banging away at the keyboard with one hand, and my cock with the other, and I will still try to post at least daily. I have had a wonderful few months here and have enjoyed your company more than I can say.

I am currently in the process of knocking out the book outline and negotiating a contract that won’t leave me poorer than when I started, so I should be around for a bit.

Thank you everybody who has commented and liked and followed or just even read my ramblings. I love you all and have jacked off to every one of your comments and gravatar pics – although I’m not certain that that is a good definition of love.


~ k )

Thanks again Rick

Another thank you to Rick Wagner who wrote a flattering post on his excellent blog. Read it here

Thanks Rick

Got this review for the book on from a Mr Rick Wagner from Arizona.

A surprisingly broad survey

14 September 2011

This book teaches a surprisingly wide variety of tasks for the Android developer. Among the skills taught:

– Drawing your UI
– Making menus, context sensitive menus, shortcut keys and submenus
– Storing data on internal storage, external storage, the included SQLite database
– Detecting device orientation, using the accelerometer, detecting user gestures and the available sensors
– Communicating with the user through Alerts, progress bars, status bars and dialogues
– Adding graphics, rotating images, and using animation
– Playing audio files and recording video, audio and taking pictures
– Sending and receiving phone calls and SMS messages, using internet content
– Detecting the device location, using Google maps and other mapping skills

The format for each lesson is the same: Start with a new Eclipse project, add the bare minimum necessary to see the desired functionality.

I think this book will make a good reference for Android developers of all skill levels. Beginners should be prepared for a little online homework to flesh out ideas, as there is not a lot of theory here.

Thanks Rick.


Prior to writing the book I worked for a fantastic site called a leading news site and am now proud to say that I am back in the fold. Headlines is run by an amazing group of Android fans and experts and based on visitor feedback we now provide a mixture of relevant news syndication and over the top opinion pieces – you can find my posts up there very soon.

Check back here or subcribe to androidheadlines or take a look a Android Pisses on Apple on Facebook

Love and war

Win a free copy of the book

Want a free copy of the Android 3.0 Application Development Cookbook then check out who are running a competition and giving away 3 copies.

Book Published

I am happy to announce that my Android 3.0 Application Development Cookbook has now been published. Its available for the bargain price of $48.49 (£27.99) from a whole bunch of places although you can get it direct from Packt at a 10% discount for $40.49 (£25.19) at least for now. Its also available as an eBook as PDF , ePub and Packt’s own wonderful PacktLib format.

Android 3.0 Application Development Cookbook

In September last year I started work on a book on Android development for Packt Publishers. It is due for publication in the next week or so and will be available at most good book stores and online from Packt, Amazon, WHSmiths and others.

Why not have a look at a sample chapter.


Chingle was my first Android app. It is a free mobile wind chime with 8 settings. Pointless I know – really just a way of learning the ropes. Anyhow it got reviewed on the BBC and by and has currently been downloaded over 6,500 times.


“Charmingly relaxing”

Kate Russell (BBC’s Click)


Download it with this QR or from the Android market.