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I’ve been wondering something of late: why is it that men like to come on women’s faces so much? Now, don’t get me wrong, I like to splatter a platter along with the rest, but a lot of women I know do not find the idea quite as alluring, and even offering to lick it off is rarely met with a response of “Ooh, yes please!”

So, purely in the interest of science, I decided to conduct a little experiment and give myself a facial and now that I have, I think I can see why a gobfull of goo is not actually very sexy, not when you are on the receiving end, not to mention that getting it in your eye stings like buggery (not that I know what buggery feels like, in case your reading this Mum). Now, nothing makes this dick droop more than a look of disgust on a gal’s face. So why are we (men) so keen to give you (women) a covering of cum?

At first I thought it was symbolic thing, like men wanting to have big dicks, a sign of our fertility, or something, but I don’t think that’s it. Sadly I think its nothing that poetic, I think its more like a dog marking its territory, a kind of ownership thing, and that leaves a bad taste in my mouth, although that may just be my own semen.

Not only is it possessive and therefore degrading to women, I think it is even darker than that. This whole facial thing is perpetuated by the porn industry, which is directed mostly at men (even if their squirting squigglies are directed at women) and it encourages men, particularly those of an impressionable age, to see women as objects and so plays along with the whole ‘rape culture’ that porn so often seems to revel in. So think twice guys next time before you jiz in her viz, try my little experiment and find out what it feels like first.