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Some award or other

thank you audrina of audrina1759’s blog and Maarit-Johanna of history of the ancient world for nominating me for some award or other. normally i don’t do the award thing but i’m so flattered to be nominated by these women, as their blogs are just wonderful, that i will make an exception.

the rules are as follows:

  • tell seven things about yourself
  • nominate 487 other bloggers
  • that’s it, i think

seven things about me:

  1. i haven’t had sex since february
  2. i haven’t had coffee since 9:30
  3. i fantasise about posting pictures of my dick on this blog but have never had the guts
  4. i know how to measure the speed of light with a microwave and some proccessed cheese
  5. i am going to masturbate to the gravatar pictures of anyone who likes or comments on this post – you have been warned
  6. minds turn me on more than bodies
  7. i sneezed so hard this morning that my glasses flew off and landed in the toilet bowl
  8. an ex once super-glued my hand to my cock in my sleep
  9. i have only recently learned that women get sexier and more beautiful as they get older
  10. i can’t count to seven
  11. three of these things are not true (but this might be one of them)

i’m afraid i can’t nominate anyone as i never actually read any of the shite you guys write.

from now on i will only be accepting nominations for awards if they come accompanied by pictures of the nominee’s bare breasts or cum drenched pricks – ideally both.

thank you again to audrina1759 and Maarit-Johanna for nominating me, and if you do not already follow these girls, do so now, or i will have you killed.

Ok, just for Robin.

The wonderful Robin of In My Own Public Universe has nominated me for a blogger award. I am flattered, and fully erect, to be nominated for anything by Robin but have decided not to go along with the award thing any more.

A few minutes with a calculator will demonstrate that if we each award  seven other bloggers then within 6 months every blogger on the planet will have been nominated 247 times.

Don’t get me wrong, I love having my ego stroked, although I prefer to have it sucked. I like to have other people watch me stroke my ego too and to watch them stroke theirs. I like how egos taste. I like the taste of my own ego and I want to taste yours too. I bet it is delicious.

Just for Robin though, I will do the seven weird things about myself  list but that is largely due to the fact that I am an exhibitionist and like telling people weird things about myself.

  1. I am an exhibitionist.
  2. I like telling people weird things about my self.
  3. I was recently someone’s internet sex slave for two weeks.
  4. I once had sext with two women at the same time without them knowing about the other – I had given them both the same nickname so I was able to cut and paste a lot of it.
  5. One of these things is not true.
  6. I cannot count to seven.

Thank you Robin. You are a star and your blog is a sheer delight. I will have killed anyone who does not follow you.