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My followers

i think you’re neat pete
and that wobsy does the jobsy
you are my star la la
don’t take the piss little miss

you make me swoon june
i like your name jayne
you make me sin robin
lets dance to jazz paz

you are a silly one gillian
have you heard bird
the others 1 is fun
and we all love joeyann

you fill the void gigoid
i am your man lsam
you are a smiler laila
and you never make me yawn dawn

you’ll send me to hell isabelle
you’re quite a catch, snarkysnatch
do not fret anette
i like the stink of your ink

i am your fan big gay man
treat me kindly heidi
make me merry mari
and make me linger linda

i like your moans ms jones
for your thoughts a penny jenni
nothing rhymes with after hours 78
that’s the kinda shit i hate

sorry if i missed anyone, its not because i don’t love you dearly, but because nothing rhymes with your name. blame your parents.