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there is this horrendous scream and everybody turns around to look. there is a man with a gun, a revolver, and he is pointing it at this woman and yelling at her that he is going to kill her. she is on her knees and sobbing so wildly that i cannot make out what she is saying, only that she is using the word ‘please’ a lot. the crowd freeze, one or two people shriek and dive for cover, but mostly, we stand there, motionless, gawping at the scene unfolding before us. the woman crumples to the ground in a heap, and those of us that have not got our eyes glued on the gunman notice the pool of urine seep from under her and spread out over the cold, stone, grey floor.

suddenly, a man steps out from the crowd and stands between her and the pistol. the gunman freaks and screams at this guy, calls him stupid, tells him he’s a motherfucker, tell’s him he’s about to die. the man just nods and stands his ground. the next thing that you know is a woman steps out and joins him, shielding the girl on the floor. then the guy stood next to me joins them. then i do and then three other people do and before you know it, there are thirty or forty of us surrounding her. the gunman does his nut and tries to point his weapon at all of us at once. issuing us all spoken death warrants.

then the police show up, and for a moment i see a look of pure insanity flash across his eyes, before he seems to compose himself, drops the gun to the floor and holds his hands up above his head.

i’m telling you, that’s the last time i go into a burger king.