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Black Gary

Now, one fing abaht me, is I can’t fuckin’ stand racists, there ain’t no call for that kind of fing, know what I mean? So we drags this racist cunt outside, an’ ‘e’s all like “I’m not a racist.” an’ “My girlfriend is black.” Now, that don’t make no sense. Just coz a cunt likes a bitta black pussy, don’t mean ‘e ain’t a fuckin’ Nazi, know what I mean? I mean I fucked a Chelsea fan once, don’t mean I’m gonna support ’em, does it? Any’ow Mickey saw ‘im lookin’ funny at our mucker Black Gary, so we know ‘e’s a racist cunt, know what I mean?

So, Mickey widens the cunt’s smile wiv ‘is Stanley knife an’ ‘olds ‘is face down on the kerb while I stamp on ‘is head a bit. I use ‘is phone to call an ambulance an’ me and Mickey get back inside The Duck and Flick Knife for anovver pint, fuckin’ chilly out there, it was. A cunt could catch ‘is deff, defendin’ civil rights sometimes. Know what I mean?

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