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Prove it

She likes to tease him, to drive him wild with desire and longing, to push him to the limits of his own self control. It thrills her to see how he simply can’t keep his hands off himself when she turns it on. Just a whispered, but naughty, suggestion or the slow removal of some of her clothes leaves his will power in tatters. Sometimes it takes no more than a soft sexual moaning in his ear and he just can’t stop himself. Its a game they play often and a game she loves.

Sometimes though, he can be a dick and says afterwards that he could always control himself really, if he wanted to and that he is just playing along.
“Prove it.” she challenges him.
“Okay,” he says, “how?” and she tells him to go undress and wait in the bedroom. When she enters, he is kneeling on the bed, naked and semi-erect. She has a little bottle with her and tells him to hold out his hands, which he does, without asking why. Dripping a few drops on each of his palms she says for him to rub them together. When he asks what it is, she tells him: “Concentrated chilli oil, Bhut Jolokia.” the hottest chilli in the world, “You touch yourself now and you will really know about it.” she giggles. He shrugs it off but she knows how much power she has over him and can detect the origins of unease in his eyes.

She undresses more slowly than she has ever done before, more provocatively than he has ever seen, her hips swaying, her hands stroking gently at her soft, inner thighs and belly, little gasps emminating from her hot, red lips, as she watches him get stiffer and hotter, thrilling at the sight of his taught cock bouncing against his belly, loving the affect she has on him and knowing how wild she is driving him.

She takes off everything except her lacy, satin, red panties and turns her back on him, slips one hand down inside the front of them and lets out a little moan of sheer delight. “Can you imagine what I’m doing to myself right now?” she asks, knowing full well that his imagination is swimming with that very image, able to sense just how aroused he is without even seeing him, the whole room feels drenched in his throbbing lust for her and her power over him. “You can pull them down, if you like.” she offers and of course he does, she feels his hands trembling as he slips them down over her thighs,  aware of his fading will power even before she stops and turns back round.

Her fingers are still wet with her own juices and she licks slowly and seductively at them and then offers them to his mouth, only to pull them away as he leans thirstily forward. “You would like to see me touch myself, wouldn’t you?” she asks. He can’t even bring himself to nod and just closes his eyes with the awareness that she can make him crack, despite al his i-can-control-myself bravado. Her smile says it all.

She stands close, her erect nipples brushing against his chest, his burning hard-on stroking her belly. Staring deep into his eyes, her dripping fingers stroking his lips, she sees his right hand twitch and his mind making all kinds of desperate calculations.

All it will take now is one little thing to push him over the edge, a deep moan maybe, or the tip of a single finger running the length of his shaft. She could stop now and let him off, just grab hold of him and satisfy his longing, feel his cum on her belly and breasts. Instead she stands back, thrusts he fingers deep inside herself and lets out a primal, orgasmic moan, thrusting her hips rhythmically to her own self love. She starts to groan deeply as though she is about to come and he snaps. Her hands leaps to her mouth, as she gasps in amazement as he grabs hold of his cock and starts to stroke at it frantically. She tries to suppress a giggle as she watches him, his hand, his cock, his eyes, enthralled.

He knows the pain won’t be immediate and tries to make himself come as quickly as he can and looks surprised when nothing happens. She laughs and pushes him onto the bed. “Its not chilli oil you silly bugger.” she laughs as she straddles him, “Its tomato purée.” Sinking onto him and filling herself with his rock hard length, they rise and fall and pant and moan and both come quickly and powerfully, her head thrown back, his hands on her breasts, as he shoots and jerks his relief into her.

They lie there afterwards, wrapped in each other, kissing gently. “I would never do that to you darling,” she smiles, “probably.”

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