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The day the internet died

The day the internet died planes fell out of the sky, riots broke out, crops failed, wars were declared, millions lost their lives and millions more lost their livelihoods and I lost my love.

Businesses went bust, transport systems ground to a halt, the porn industry collapsed, the Arab spring was brought to its knees and I lost my love.

To this day, no-one knows why it died, maybe it was terrorists, or a solar flare. Some said the internet had developed a basic consciousness and, sickened by what it saw, shut itself down. I don’t know either, but I know I lost my love.

Now, years later, humanity, is recovering, learning to get along without it. Some people say we are better off without it, that life can be simple and natural again. I don’t agree, I lost my love.

Seven more things

  • i am a writer and a designer and a developer and a layabout
  • i have been a cartoonist and a soldier and a web designer
  • i have been a teacher, an addict and a street fundraiser
  • i live in london but spend most of my time in facebook
  • i like to do voluntary work and australian women
  • i have had radio plays broadcast and a book on programming published
  • i like to type in lower case because it is easier to masturbate when you don’t have to use the ‘shift’ key