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So, we’re chatting away on Skype, and its all getting rather raunchy. We’re both naked and touching ourselves and its getting hotter and hotter. You are on the floor, on your knees, pinching a nipple with one hand and stroking your silky wet pussy with the other. Your fingers running up and down your length rubbing at your clit, slipping deep inside you, I can almost taste you. I look into the camera so it feels like I’m looking right at you. You smile greedily at my cock as I stroke it up and down, using just my forefinger and thumb, letting you see the whole throbbing length of it. You tell me, in between your moans, how badly you want it inside you, and I almost come with those words alone. “I’m about to come.” you tell me, and I can see, from the thrusting of your hips and hear from the gasps bursting from your lungs that you are. Almost unable to speak with the pleasure, I nod as if to say ‘Okay, now!’

Suddenly there’s a noise. My room mate Joe is back early. Before I can call out, he is in the room. “Hey buddy! Wanna smoke a-” he begins, before his mouth drops open at the sight before him. “Ooh! Fuck! Sorry mate.” he continues and is backing out the door, when you say, “Oh don’t go Joe, come and say hello.” I look at you, eyes wide with surprise as you say “Wanna come join us?”  Joe looks at me quizzically and I just sorta shrug. “Come on,” you say, “it’ll be fun.”

Joe undresses and gets onto the bed with me, we kneel, facing each other. Now, I’m not gay but Joe works out and has a magnificent body and a cock that I would just die for. “Kiss.” you tell us and we do. Gingerly at first and a little clumsily, but your moans of pleasure spur us on and we start to kiss more passionately, our tongues and mouths caressing with increasing heat. This delights you and you clap your hands together and squeal. We see you out of the corners of our eyes as you lean back, supporting yourself on one arm and arch your back and thrust you hips towards the camera, letting us see every little thing you are doing to yourself as you play with your hot, dripping pussy. You push three fingers, deep into yourself before licking them enticingly before us.

I feel Joe stiffening up and our cocks bounce and stroke against each other. You can barely contain yourself at this and moan “Oh! Fuck! Yes!” and tell us to touch each other. We carry on kissing and start to stroke each others hard cocks up and down and you start to rub at yourself harder and faster, groaning aroused words of encouragement and panting heavily, your whole body quivering with excitement. Joe has a magnificent cock and I can barely get my hand around it and I can feel the first rumblings of his orgasm in the way it pulsates and hear yours approaching in your gasps and cries.

The three of us come together. We watch you as your body quakes and convulses with it, screams of sheer carnality erupting from you as you watch Joe and I come in thick long waves, splashing warmly over each others bellies and chests, our hands clasped around each others dripping cocks, our mouths still pressed together as our orgasms drive through our bodies like jungle fires at night.

Later, I ask if you are going to invite a friend of yours to join us next time. “Fuck off!”, you say, “That’s gross!”

Skypus Interruptus

The guy at Skype is bored, and there are still hours to go on his shift. He isn’t supposed to spy on the users, or record their conversations for his own amusement, he could get fired but he does, they all do. He scrolls though his collection of misshaped and deformed penises but he doesn’t find them as funny as he used to. He jerks off to his collection of great tits, but he is still bored and there are hours of his shift left to kill. He scours the conversations for some perverts or wierdos to laugh at. Finds one guy jerking off to a young woman squashing fruit with her feet and another guy seeing how many clothes pegs he can attach to his junk. It’s all quite funny but he is still bored.

Then it hits him: a whole new game he can play. He starts excitedly clicking through a few conversations until he finds what he is looking for: couples about to have cybersex. The first couple he choses are perfect, they were using their words to get each other off, rather than fuzzy video, something he finds rather classy in comparison. They are really into each other too, he can hear it in their voices, the way they connect.

Timing is crucial. He listens to their moans and gasps, impressed by the way they arouse each other with words alone. They are certain to come together, he can hear their synchronism. He waits, until the crucial moment, when they have reached that point of no return… and hits the disconnect button. Its the funniest thing he has done in ages and he spends the rest of the shift playing what he calls ‘vinegar stroke bandit’, and the hours fly by.