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200th post – an unholy union

She wanders aimlessly across the wilderness, dressed in rags. She never talks to anybody, she never looks at anybody and no-one has ever seen her eat. She has been wandering for nearly ever. Some say she was once an angel, and she is beautiful enough for that to be true.


She had fought on the side of good and he on the side of darkness for countless millennia, for longer than time itself. Evenly matched, their battles, which could light up whole star systems, would usually end in stalemate.

Only once did he beat her, and that was through cunning and lies, more than strength and power. He pinned her down on the surface of a cold dead sun, its death rattles escaping from its surface in steamy, angry bursts of foul gas, and pushed his face into hers. His breath was hot and animal. “We have a special place in Hell for angels.” he snarled, savouring the fear in her sacred eyes. Angels are not easily scared but she had heard of the pit, reserved just for God’s purest, most cherished creations. She knew of the living writhing thorn trees, made from her Saviour’s very own crown, that tormented angels inside and out. She knew how the floor of the pit was thick with the blood and teeth of her brothers and sisters, knew how that, in Hell, the agonies of the pure were considered the most delicious.
“There is a way out of this, my precious,” he let her know, “a way for you to escape the torment.” His growing erection told her exactly what that way out was. Her silence, her lack of response, was her acquiescence.

They lifted off from the sun’s surface, him entering her as they rose higher, holding her as they flew across the icy, dark sky. She gasped and tensed up, she knew how brutal this demon could be in the throws of the sexual act, how he would bite and claw and snap bone like twig, but he wasn’t brutal. He was fierce and overpowering, sure, as he flung and twisted her into different positions, taking her forcefully from every angle, but he wasn’t brutal. He was almost attentive.

He lifted her up to his mouth as they flew into the tail of a great comet, his long, thick, forked tongue thrusting into her and over her, the ice crystals of the tail, stinging their naked flesh. When an angel comes it can last for hours. Her orgasm lasted for days. She sung her pleasure so loudly, so honestly, that half the universe heard her bliss.

They landed with a seismic thud on a long neglected moon, and beneath a dark emerald sky, against the sides of an erupting volcano she took him in her hand and mouth, let him satisfy himself and took all he had to give. She felt him shoot, relentlessly into the back of her throat as she gulped and swallowed and dribbled his love.

They bathed in the raw heat of a super-nova and she knelt on all fours, looked over her shoulder at him and willed him to defile her with her eyes, and he filled her with his tongue and fingers and his icy erection. He covered her body with sharp kisses, each one stinging and leaving a little mark.

They soaked in the hot gases of star nurseries, whole civilisations crumbling beneath the screams of her delight and the primal growls of his lust, and after, as they danced under a diamond waterfall a hundred miles deep on a planet half a galaxy away, she realised with a terrible shudder, why he had not been brutal to her – when she returned to the Celestial City, she would have to confess to her Lord and Creator and He would ask if she enjoyed her unholy union. Her answer would get her banished from The City Of Light for all eternity. They would tear off her wings and hurl her into the deserts, to wander forever.


It is easy to find the angel that was, the wanderer they call Gabriela. Simply follow the trail of tears across the wastelands. If you are very lucky you may see the faint hint of a smile flicker across her face: she is remembering his forked tongue and the things he could do with it.

Devil fucking

the devil may be
a lot of things
but he’s a damn good fuck.
his cock is cold,
his cum is hot,
his kisses burn
like steam.

the devil will fuck
and eat you out
until you cannot think,
or speak, or breathe,
or laugh, or cry.
the devil will have
you scream.

the devil will make
you beg for more,
despite the fact it burns.
his tongue is sharp,
his nails dig deep,
as he feasts upon
your pain.

the devil will fuck
you all night long.
the devil will make you bleed.
his love will cut
your mind to shreds.
his sex make you

the devil will do
a lot of things
that will surely fuck you up.
you may not live
to tell the tale
your soul he will
eat up.

If I was the devil

If I was the devil, I would be really good at it, I would know exactly how to construct the worst possible Hell for any individual. Its simple: give them what they most want, what they desire most in their hearts, their loves, their dreams, their ambitions and longings. Give them this every day… and then rip it from them … every day.

Making someone miserable all the time is not Hell, people can get used to any amount of pain. What really hurts them is to raise their hopes and then dash them. Make them as happy as they possibly can be and then steal that from them and do it over and over and over. Nothing can make them hurt more. Pain is at its most awful when it follows directly in the footsteps of happiness.

This is my biggest fear.

Unfortunately this does not work on everybody, only those that are brave enough to love to a great extent or long beyond reason for what they want can be destroyed by such a plan – but for those people, such a Hell would be so much worse than any eternal burning pit.

Burning? In a fire? For all eternity? How boring, the devil it seems has no imagination.

PS. Satan, if you are in need of an assistant, I am available on Tuesdays and Fridays, my rates are available on my website and are very reasonable.